Tanks & Clearomizers

This is the top part of an E-cigarette which holds the e-cigarette juice and generates the vapour.  Normally there are three types of Tanks:

1. Normal Tank: comes with pre-installed Atomizers and only accepts manufacturer pre-built Atomizer replacements

2. RBA/RTA Tank: comes with pre-installed Atomizers and accepts manufacturer pre-built Atomizer replacements. It also has a rebuildable Atomizer which let user build the coil inside the Atomizer by themselves

  • RBA: Rebuildable Atomizers / RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomizers. These two terms are interchangeable
  • Coil/Atomizer rebuild is for advanced users ONLY who have the proper knowledge and enjoy the DIY procedure

3. RDA Tanks: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers. This type of tanks does not have a compartment to hold e-Juice. The juice is dripped directly to the Atomizer. Normally user has to build coils for the RDA's Atomizer by themselves

4. RDTA Tanks: The most versatile one. This is the combination of RBA/RTA and RDA tanks, which means it contains a juice tank, a coil deck for rebuildable atomizers, and also can be used as a dripping tank.

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