Atomizers & Coil Heads

"Atomizer", "Coil Head" and "Coil", these three terms are normally interchangeable, although theoretically saying, Coil is the wire inside an Atomizer.

Atomizer is the component inside the Tank which generates the vapour. This is the consumable component in the Tank. When the wire or wick inside the Atomizer is used up, the Atomizer shall be replaced. Or if the Atomizer is "reusable" or "rebuildable", an advanced user could re-wire and re-wick the Atomizer.

The most important specification of an Atomizer is probably its coil resistance. Normally, in today's industry standard:

  • Atomizer with Coil Resistance higher than 1.0 ohm is normally for Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) inhale which has more concentrated flavour similar to the sensation of smoking
  • Atomizer with Coil Resistance lower than 1.0 ohm (sometimes called "sub-ohm") is normally for Direct-Lung (DL) inhale which generates bigger cloud

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